Visa® Sekur Prepaid Card

Visa® Sekur Prepaid Card, the flexibility you were looking for.

The Visa® Sekur prepaid card is exclusive to Crédit Yamaska. This rechargeable Visa® card without credit inquiry opens up a world of possibilities. Whether you are shopping online, paying for parking, traveling or simply managing your day-to-day expenses, the Visa® Sekur prepaid card will quickly become an essential tool for you.

Offering great flexibility, our card allows you to make purchases from more than 10 million merchants worldwide, and withdraw money from more than 1.7 million ATMs.

In combination with a loan from Crédit Yamaska, the Visa® Sekur prepaid card allows you to have access to your money without having to wait for the bank processing delay. A very practical solution in case of an emergency. Even if you make a request on Friday afternoon, you will have access to your money the same day.

If you do not have a Visa® card or cannot get one, the Visa® Sekur prepaid card is the solution for you. If you are a Canadian citizen, your acceptance is guaranteed. No harmful credit check will be done.

The Visa® Sekur prepaid card offers the benefits of a Visa® card without the adverse effects of high interest rates on outstanding balances.

Feel free to apply today for one of the most versatile Visa® rechargeable cards on the market. You can apply online with one of our agents or simply talk to one of our loan officers.

Annual interest rate (APR) Crédit Yamaska offers personal loans at rates ranging from 15.47% to 32% annually. A lump sum, varying according to the client's file, may add to the borrowed capital. This amount may be transferred, in whole or in part, to an agent, agent or independent broker used by the client Loans can be repaid over a period of 3 months Sample repayment for a $ 500 loan: 12 payments of $ 62.50, for a total of $ 750. This example is for illustrative purposes only and may vary depending on the agreement signed.
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